Fall-Winter 2021 Newsletter

Musings—By a Shepherd What was it like being a shepherd on a cold, winter night on the hills outside Bethlehem? Maybe I would be the one watching over the fire, even heating a beverage. Surely munching on a cold supper. Watching the stars overhead that I now knew pretty well but always found to be … Continue reading Fall-Winter 2021 Newsletter

September-October 2021 Letter from Diane

Thank You Notes from Recipients of GC gifts: Thank you all for the amazing gifts I have gotten from you. It put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. Sometimes we need that comfort and support to help us. You Rock!! Thank you for all your glamorous things and putting your heart and soul into … Continue reading September-October 2021 Letter from Diane

May-June 2021 Letter from Diane

Grandma's Musings

Thank you notes from gift bag recipients:

I appreciate your time and talent to make me a blanket, and the hygiene kit really came in handy. I love everything. Please put my family on your prayer list–have covid.A mother

I can’t thank you enough for all the love and hard work to put everything together for my bag. It means the world to me. I came here with nothing.In Recovery

I just received my grandma bag and want to say a great big thank you. The quilt of many different colors and pattern is so gorgeous! The bag is so full of goodies.Signed, Lovingly
Thank you so much for taking out your time to do some-thing for a stranger—ME who has absolutely nothing. Thank you for my Christmas morning in May.From bottom of my heart


Your generosity, creativity, and support are such a…

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